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AS Teaching (Gr 1-5)

Undergraduate AS


Human Services

Program Title

AS Teaching (Gr 1-5)

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Program Description

The AST Program introduces candidates to the field of teaching by focusing on professional responsibilities of educators and the development of elementary school children. The primary topics addressed are: Professional issues for Education Careers, Child Development, Technology for Teaching and Learning, Diverse Ways of Knowing and Learning, and Professional Issues of Diversity in Education. The program includes a combination of lecture, group learning, maintaining an electronic portfolio, reflection and site-based experiences within schools. The program requires a total of 40 hours of field experience. Students are strongly encouraged to complete Praxis I (ACT score of 20 or higher is exempt).  Students may also take the Praxis II exam.  The Praxis exams are not an LDCC graduation requirement. It is recommended that students check Praxis testing requirements and transferability at the four-year institution where they plan to finish their bachelor’s degree in education. Courses in the AST program are designed to transfer into an applicable bachelor’s degree programs based upon the four-year institution’s guidelines.