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Students who are admitted to Louisiana Delta Community College are eligible to register for classes. Prior to registration all students must:

  • Meet with the designated faculty member for advisement and verification of the selection of appropriate course(s) for the degree program being pursued by the student.

  • Meet with a financial aid advisor (if applying for federal financial aid) to verify that all necessary documents have been completed and received by the Financial Aid Office.

  • Fulfill all financial obligations or make appropriate financial arrangements with Student Billing with regards to tuition, fees, fines, etc.

  • Follow dates and deadlines on the academic calendar for advising, registration, and payment. 

Auditing a Course

A student auditing a class must meet all College admission requirements. Students who audit courses are assessed the same tuition and fees as those assessed for credit courses, and audited course-hours are included in a student’s course load.

Students in audited courses must abide by the College Academic Calendar guidelines and are subject to the same add/drop, tuition refund, and withdraw deadlines. Audited courses do not count as a course attempt and cannot be converted to credit hours after a student has attended a class or completed a course. Auditing students can participate in class activities; but they are not required to take examinations. Students auditing courses are not eligible to receive federal financial aid.


The student must access the Audit Request Form from the LDCC website and submit the completed request to the Registrar’s Office before the end of the Add/Drop period for the given semester/term.

Change of Major

A degree-seeking student may transfer from one degree or certificate program to another. A non-degree-seeking student may declare a major after meeting the admission requirements for a degree- or certificate- seeking student. A Change of Major form must be completed with an academic advisor and turned in to Enrollment Services. 

The Change of Major form can be downloaded on the Student Resources webpage.

Change of Catalog

Students are expected to complete the requirements for a degree as listed in their current catalog year which become effective upon first enrollment. If a student changes their major, the catalog in effect at the time of the major change will become the new effective catalog. Additionally, if students fail to enroll at LDCC for one regular semester, the student must reapply for admission and the catalog year in effect at the time they return must be followed. As an alternative, students may choose to graduate under the catalog in effect at the time they complete the program requirements.

No Show Process

Students who have completed all the necessary requirements for registration and instructors have reported that they have not attended or participated in classes are considered “No Show” students. This “No Show” status will be determined by the official 14th day (or equivalent for a given term) roster report. Classes that have a reported “No Show” will be dropped from the student’s schedule and a full refund will be issued. See “Purge Policy” for further information regarding purging students for no show/non-participation.


Students may withdraw from courses or resign from the college with a grade of “W” up to the deadline published in the Academic Calendar. Students who stop attending classes without officially withdrawing will receive an “F” in those courses.