Admission Requirements

Students seeking admissions to LDCC must follow these guidelines and requirements:

  • Completed an Application for Admission

  • Proof of Immunization Compliance

  • Proof of Registration with Selective Service for those students required to register

Please note that official ACT scores or Accuplacer Placement Survey results may be needed for program entry and advising and placement purposes. If a student is transferring, official transcripts are not required from all post-secondary schools attended; however, if the student wants to be advised and use any prior credit from any post-secondary institution, the official transcript is required. The College will articulate any transcript received from a post-secondary institution. 

Admissions without High School Diploma or Equivalency

Students who have not earned a high school diploma or equivalent may still be admitted to the College. However, students that have not earned a high school diploma or equivalent may be denied entry into a particular program that requires such. The application for admissions, immunizations and if male and 18 years of age, proof of Selective Service registration is required.

Admission Statuses

Fully Admitted

The applicant who has submitted proof of immunizations and Selective Service documentation will be fully admitted.

Provisional Admission

The applicant who has not submitted required documents.

Articulation of Course Credit

Cross/Dual Enrollment Agreements

LDCC recognizes and supports the LCTCS recommendation for community and technical colleges to enter into enrollment agreements which are of greatest benefit to the student. This included entry into cross-enrollment and/or dual-enrollment agreements. In such cases the “home institution” shall be defined as the postsecondary institution through which the student is pursuing an approved degree or related credential for the purpose of processing academic records, data collection/reporting, and financial aid.

New Student Orientation

LDCC hosts Knights Orientation, our new student orientation program, each summer in preparation for the fall semester or as a part of the curriculum in some programs. The purpose of orientation is to make students aware of their personal and academic responsibilities, to promote an understanding of LDCC policies and procedures, and to introduce the programs and services that are available.