Student Billing & Refunds

College Tuition & Fees

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Upon registration, tuition and registration fees must be paid by the payment deadline(s) posted. Classes that remain unsecured by the established due dates published are subject to being deleted for non-payment. Students can secure classes by completing one of the following payment methods:

  • Full payment of tuition and fees in person or online (through LoLA). 

  • Enrollment in the Online Payment Plan.

  • Approved Financial Aid.

  • Approved Contract or Waiver applied to account.

2022 Tuition Fee Schedule

Adjustment of Tuition

For students reducing their credit hours or officially withdrawing from the College, all or a portion of their refundable tuition may be credited to their account according to the Tuition/Fee Adjustment Schedule. The portion (percentage) is an adjustment to the tuition and fees the student is assessed for the semester, not a refund of what the student has already paid. Students must complete the drop/withdrawal process prior to the posted deadlines to qualify for a reduction in amounts owed.

Nonattendance does not constitute withdrawal. Students must withdraw from the College prior to the stated deadlines if they decide not to attend. Students who do not submit a drop request or drop the course(s) online may have a financial obligation to the College regardless of attendance.

If a credit balance remains after all tuition and fees due are deducted from any payments that have been applied, the balance will be returned to the student within 14 days from the date of the credit balance origination.  Credit/debit card payment refunds will be returned to the card originally charged.  All other refunds will be processed through BankMobile, to the refund choice as selected by the student. 

No refund shall be made for a non-credit course unless the class is cancelled. 

When LDCC cancels a course, 100% of tuition and course related fees are refunded with the exception of the credit card convenience fee and payment plan enrollment fee. 

Students who wish to appeal their tuition/fee adjustments (or lack thereof) must complete and submit a Tuition Appeal Form

Tuition Adjustment Schedules

Tuition Refund Policy

Payment Plan Option

  • The Deferred Payment Plan for Louisiana Delta Community College is administered by TransAct and is available to all students. The first payment plan installment amount plus the $30 TransAct administrative fee is due upon payment plan registration. All subsequent payments will be due monthly, thereafter. 

  • When a student’s agreement with TransAct is terminated due to a closed or frozen account, the tuition and fees for the semester will become immediately due to LDCC. A financial hold will be placed on the student’s account, which will prevent transcript and all future services to be withheld until the student’s balance is paid in full.

Returned Checks

The charge for each returned check is $25.00. When a check is returned, the student will forfeit all check writing privileges with LDCC in the future. Putting a stop payment on a check will not constitute an official resignation from the College.

Credit/Debit Cards

Students may pay for tuition or other charges with a debit or credit card online or in person.  If paying in person, the cardholder must have a valid ID available. Students choosing to pay with a credit card will be assessed a 2.75 percent convenience fee at the time of payment. If a credit card charge is disputed by the cardholder, the Office of Student Accounts will advise the Enrollment Services department that all future services will be withheld for this student until such time the disputed charges have been resolved.

Delinquent Accounts

If a student has any outstanding balance, LDCC reserves the right to withhold future services including but not limited to registration, transcript requests, issuing diplomas, use of facilities, and other services as deemed appropriate by the College. 

Failure to honor payment plan dates or pay any balance in full by the end of the term may result in the account being placed with the Office of Debt Recovery for collection. Students will be responsible for all collection fees associated with accounts placed for collection.