Board of Regents Matrix

Articulation of Course Credit

LDCC was established as a member of the Board of Regents General Education Articulation Matrix Committee in 2001. The Course Articulation Matrix is a guide for determining course equivalencies among Louisiana’s public institutions of higher education. While most courses will transfer for credit between and among Louisiana’s institutions, students must remember that these courses may or may not be applied to a particular degree program. Students should note that this matrix is limited to those general education courses for which full credit would likely be granted by most other Louisiana colleges and universities. You can view the Board of Regents Matrix using the link below.

Numerous course transfer equivalency agreements exist among Louisiana’s public postsecondary institutions. The prerogative for accepting a course for degree, general education, or elective credit belongs to the institution to which a student intends to transfer (the “receiving institution”). Students are therefore urged to contact the receiving institution for definitive answers to the following questions:

  • Whether the course will count toward a particular major, and under what conditions (e.g., if a letter grade of “C” or better is required for degree credit)

  • Whether and under what category the course will satisfy the receiving institution’s general education requirements

  • Any other articulation agreements that may exist between campuses.

LDCC has a crosswalk listing transferable courses to local universities. LDCC will continue to work to secure articulation agreements that allow students maximum transferability of coursework. Students are advised to check with the admissions office of the receiving institution to confirm transferability of credit.