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    Louisiana Delta Community College
  Feb 25, 2018
2016-2017 College Catalog

Associate of Arts/Louisiana Transfer Degree (AALT): Biological Sciences Concentration

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All courses applied to the degree must be passed with a C or better. Developmental courses may not be applied to the degree.

Requirements for the AALT track are listed below. When more than one option for fulfilling a requirement is given, even if some of these options are listed as “recommended” or “electives,” students should select courses that are required for the major they intend to pursue at a university. Students transferring to a University of Louisiana System (ULS) institution should follow the appropriate ULS track.



6-11 hours

  • MATH 110/ MATH 111 (3 credit hrs. - 6 credit hrs.)
  • Gen. Ed./ A.R. Elective ** (3 credit hrs. - 6 credit hrs.)

** The math requirement may vary depending on the students intended major and transfer institution. Any of the following courses are acceptable for this requirement, MATH 111 (assuming it has not already been used), MATH 210, MATH 220.

Natural Science and Humanities Electives

7-12 hours

Choose from departments listed below. Taking courses recommended in previous natural science and humanities section is encouraged, as are labs for previously recommendd science lectures.

Natural Science Electives:
Biological Sciences BIOL
Chemistry CHEM
Geology GEOL
Physical Science PHSC
Physics Physics
English ENGL
History HIST
Philosophy PHIL
Speech SPCH



Completion of the Associate of Arts/Science Louisiana Transfer (AALT, ASLT) degree guarantees that the student has met, in full, all lower division general education requirements at the receiving Louisiana public university. Graduates transferring with the transfer degree will have junior status. Courses or GPA requirements for specific majors, departments, or schools are not automatically satisfied by an AALT/ASLT degree.


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