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    Louisiana Delta Community College
  Jan 23, 2018
2016-2017 College Catalog


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CIP Code - 460302


The mission of the Technical Diploma in Electrician studies is to provide a basic core of specialized instruction and practical shop experience to prepare students for employment in electrical trades. Students who complete the basic core may choose any of the specialty areas to complete the requirements to earn a diploma in that area.

Program Description

The Technical Diploma in Electrician studies generally prepares individuals to install, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair electrical devices, components, and equipment that are utilized in residential and commercial electrical systems. All program specialties emphasize safe and efficient work practices, basic occupational skills, and are organized into competency-based courses that specify occupational competencies, which the student must successfully complete. Each area includes a study of all applicable codes and standards, blueprint reading, wiring diagrams, and installations which are appropriate to the area. All work is performed with an emphasis on shop and work safety.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Louisiana Delta Community College Electrician program will be able to:

  • demonstrate knowledge of OSHA regulations and electrical safety practices.
  • demonstrate the use of meters and test equipment.
  • identify and tools, materials, and components.
  • demonstrate knowledge of the National Electrical Code (NEC).
  • interpret electrical blueprints.
  • demonstrate knowledge of DC electricity, AC electricity, magnetic theory, and circuit theorems.
  • install residential and industrial wiring.
  • demonstrate knowledge of transformers and motors.
  • demonstrate knowledge of motor controls and PLCs.

Gainful Employment

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TCA - Electrician Helper

Total: 13 credit hours / 315 clock hours

CTS - Residential Electrician

Total: 33 credit hours / 855 clock hours

Technical Diplomas in specialized areas require the completion of the basic core courses.

Plus the completion of speciality courses listed in teh following groups:

TD - Industrial Electrician

Total: 45 credit hours / 1425 clock hours

TD - Commercial Wiring II

Total: 45 credit hours / 1365 clock hours

Optional Elective

Additional Exit Points

TCA-ELEC: Solar Systems Installer

Total: 12 credit hours / 270 clock hours

CTS-ELEC: Energy Systems Technician

Total: 33 credit hours / 855 clock hours

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