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2021-2022 College Catalog 
2021-2022 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Practical Nursing, T.D.

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CIP Code - 513901



The mission of the Technical Diploma in Practical Nursing is to meet the goal of workforce development by providing specialized classroom instruction and supervised clinical experiences to prepare graduates for successful completion of the computerized licensing exam administered by the National Council of State Board Examiners to the end that employment as a licensed practical nurse may be obtained in the health care industry.


Program Description

The Technical Diploma in Practical Nursing is designed to prepare the student to meet the licensure requirements for Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), as established by the Louisiana State Board of Practical Nurse Examiners (LSBPNE). The program progresses from simple to complex and consists of classroom instruction, lab practicum and supervised clinical activities in accredited hospitals, nursing homes, and other health care agencies. Students should note that some courses have prerequisites, which must be completed before enrolling into upper level courses and continuing in the program. Students must demonstrate basic computer skills prior to advancement into the acute care clinical component of the program. Practical Nursing Program Coordinators or their designees may assess a student’s basic computer skills by administering a competency exam or having the student successfully complete CPTR 1000 or a comparable computer course. Articulated courses are determined at the discretion of the Practical Nurse Program Coordinator and based upon individual evaluation as described in the 2005 Louisiana Nursing Education Articulation Model. Each course in the PN program must be completed with a minimum score of 80%. Upon graduation, the student is awarded a diploma and is eligible to apply for the National Council of State Boards Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN). This is a limited enrollment program. Students must be admitted to the program to enroll in any of the PN courses.


Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Louisiana Delta Community College Practical Nursing program will be able to:

  • Utilize the nursing process, technical skills, and communications skills in providing safe and effective care to patients with acute and/or chronic health care needs throughout the life cycle in various health care settings while under the supervision of a medical doctor, dentist or registered nurse.
  • Demonstrate the competency and skills necessary to function effectively as an acceptable entry-level member of the health care team within the scope of practice allowed by law.
  • Provide appropriate nursing interventions from relatively stable to semi-complex patients reflecting decisions based on critical thinking and assessment of patient needs, revising those interventions as needed.
  • Display personal accountability within the ethical and legal framework of nursing practice and recognize the responsibility of maintaining lifelong professional growth.
  • Analyze appropriate medical diagnostic tools to identify common medical disorders and appropriate treatments. 
  • Identify the scope and limitations of the practical nurse in order to render safe and effective care and meet licensing requirements of the Louisiana State Board of Practical Nurse Examiners.
  • Manifest a sense of social responsibility with respect for diverse cultural experiences and backgrounds of clients.
  • Identify the normal stages and milestones human growth and development.  
  • Demonstrate compliance with OSHA guidelines and CDC recommendations relative to Standard Precautions and prevention of disease transmission.
  • Complete the steps necessary to become a Licensed Practical Nurse in the state of Louisiana.


Admissions Procedure

  • All students who have been admitted to Louisiana Delta Community College and who have fulfilled the pre-requisites are eligible to apply to admission to the Practical Nursing program.
  • Enrollment in the PN program is limited. Please speak to the faculty representative, PN Coordinator, or Student Affairs at any campus for details.


Admission Score Prerequisite

Scores can be no more than three years old. If older than three years, the student must repeat the test.


Compass Score (Algebra) ACT Range Classic Accuplacer (Elem. Algebra) Next Generation Accuplacer (Algebra and Statistics) Course Placement
0 - 25 0 - 15 20 - 47 230 - 249 (QAS) MATH 095
26 - 32 16 - 17 Recommended if placed in MATH 095 Recommended if placed in MATH 095 MATH 099
> 33 >  18 >  48 >  243 (QAS) Score meets or exceed requirements



Compass Score (Language) ACT Range Classic Accuplacer (Sentence Skills) Next Generation Accuplacer (Writing) Course Placement
0 - 37 0 - 13 20 - 59 200 - 224 ENGL 095
38 - 69 14 - 16 60 - 73 225 - 249 ENGL 099
>  70 >  18 >  74 >  241 Score meets or exceeds requirements



Compass Score ACT Range Classic Accuplacer Next Generation Accuplacer Course Placement
0 - 84 0 - 19 20 - 64 200 - 234 READ 095
>  85 >  20 >  60 >  250 Score meets or exceeds requirements


PN Offerings - This is when new classes begin.

Fall 2021 Spring 2022 Fall 2022
West Monroe Winnsboro Winnsboro



Landmark Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

University Health Conway

Glenwood Regional Medical Center

St. Francis Medical Center

Ochsner’s Medical Center

The Oaks Nursing & Rehabilitation

Plantation Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, LLC

Franklin Medical Center

Richland Medical Center

Ouachita HealthCare

American Medical Response

Northeast Louisiana Ambulance Service

Cypress Grove Behavioral Health

Liberty Healthcare Services

Willow Ridge Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Legacy Hospice

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