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2021-2022 College Catalog 
2021-2022 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

TEAC 203 - Teaching And Learning In Diverse Settings II

Total Credits = 3
Lecture = 3 / Laboratory = 0

This course, the second of a two course sequence, focuses on the diverse needs of students and the role of educators in recognizing and addressing learners’ needs. The course will involve a combination of lecture, group learning, reflection and site-based experiences within schools.

Two primary topics will be addressed within the course:

  • Diverse Ways of Knowing and Learning
  • Professional Issues of Diversity in Education

 *Note:  By the end of the course, students will have passed the PRAXIS I and PRAXIS II exams. Both PRAXIS exams must be passed in order to receive credit for TEAC 203.

Prerequisites or Corequisites: Students must be admitted into the A.S.T. program and will have completed TEAC 201 with a “C” or better. Students will have completed all developmental courses.