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2021-2022 College Catalog 
2021-2022 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Statewide Common Course Numbering

In 2009 Act 356 required implementation of a statewide common course numbering system “to facilitate program planning and the transfer of students and course credits between and among institutions.” Understanding the significance of determining course equivalences as critical to developing and maintaining a statewide common course numbering system, the Board of Regents brought together faculty representatives from all of the public colleges and universities starting in the fall of 2011 to discuss this initiative. The Faculty worked to establish common course content to be covered for each course included on the Matrix.

Each course is identified by a four-character “rubric” (i.e. prefix or department abbreviation) and a four-digit number. Each rubric begins with “C” to signify that it is a state “Common” number; therefore you will see the common course number appear in the LDCC catalog beside the name of the LDCC course that is equivalent to the common course. Lectures and corresponding Labs are in the same number group, differentiated by credit value. 

All course identifiers correspond to course descriptors listed in the Statewide Course Catalog, published by the Louisiana Board of Regents with direct Faculty input. The Statewide Course Catalog (see document below) is comprised of the academic courses for which there is statewide agreement among discipline faculty representatives as to the minimum course content to be covered so that a student completing the course will be ready for the next course for which it is a prerequisite in a sequence or curriculum.